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Welcome to TEAM ALPHA!

Company Profile
Alpha-Plus Apartments 91 started it's operation May 2018 at No. 91 Ebitu Ukiwe Street (hence it's name). 

Mission Statement
To make hospitality our bedrock by treating all our guests, team mates, owners to a fun, unique and worthwhile experience.



Have you read and understood the Sales & Marketing - Training Manual, if not, please ask Leo for a copy. The information found in there is very key, as AA91 believes the Sales Department would be more effective if the manual is followed. Please do not hesitate to ask questions.


You will also be watching a series of basic Marketing & Sales video to help you refresh or even learn new topics as it relates to the job you are tasked with.

Although it might seem tedious, no knowledge is wasteful. The objective for watching these videos is to take what you can and apply it to what you already know to achieve success. Goodluck! 

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