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June 2023 Notes (23.06.2023)

An important change that will be implemented regarding our apartment's room rates, effective July 1st 2023.

After careful consideration and market analysis, we have decided to make adjustments to our room rates in order to maintain competitiveness in the market while ensuring the profitability of our business. These changes are necessary to keep up with the evolving industry trends and meet the demands of our valued guests.

The following modifications will be applied to our room rates:

  1. Dynamic pricing, a pricing strategy used to adjust our room rates in real-time based on various factors such as demand, occupancy levels, and other variables. Instead of having fixed rates, dynamic rate strategies allows us to flexibly modify our prices to maximise revenue and optimise occupancy. The key principle behind a dynamic rate strategy is to set room rates based on supply and demand dynamics. When demand is high and occupancy levels are trending towards full capacity, we can increase our rates to capture maximum revenue from the limited available rooms. Conversely, during periods of low demand or low occupancy, we may lower our rates to attract more guests and maintain optimal occupancy levels. Factors considered in a this dynamic rate strategy includes: Day of the week: Rates may vary based on the day of the week, with lower rates on weekends or higher rates on weekdays, depending on demand patterns. It is a strategic approach that aims to find the optimal balance between maximising occupancy and revenue while meeting guests' expectations and maintaining competitiveness in the market.

  2. Long-Term Stay Rates: For guests planning extended stays, we will introduce special rates to promote longer bookings. These rates will be designed to provide an incentive for guests to choose our apartment for their extended accommodation needs.

  3. Corporate Rates: We will review and update our corporate rates to ensure they align with market standards and remain attractive to our corporate clients. The sales team will be responsible for communicating these changes to our corporate partners and securing their continued business.

Please note that these rate adjustments have been carefully determined to maintain a balance between guest satisfaction and our financial goals. It is essential that we continue to provide exceptional service and uphold our reputation as a premier hospitality provider. The updated room rates will be communicated to the front desk staff, and sales department to ensure seamless implementation and effective communication with our guests.

I encourage all team members to familiarise themselves with the new rates and be prepared to address any questions or concerns raised by guests. Training sessions will be organised to ensure everyone is well-informed about the changes and can confidently explain them to guests.

Your support and commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences are invaluable as we navigate these changes together. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to your department heads or me directly.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Let's continue to provide outstanding service and exceed our guests' expectations. Signed, LII

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