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Alpha-Plus Apartments is a leading hospitality provider, offering a wide variety of luxurious accommodations in different locations across Nigeria. Depending on your preference, you can choose your destination and enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay. Read more about our locations to find the perfect place for your next visit.

AA91 Jabi - Abuja FCT

Unwind in our elegant guest-rooms designed to ensure that all the comforts of your home are replicated to an experience of staying home away from home. 

AA91 Jabi Property Pic

AA91 Utako - Abuja FCT

Experience this youthful yet elegant revision of the boutique Apartment classic. Come experience this very exclusive and private Resident... come experience True Hospitality.

AA91 Utako Property Pic

Winpher by AA91 Arochukwu - Abia State

Our first purpose built hotel is situated in the historic Arochukwu village in Abia State, providing travellers with a chance to experience the rich culture of the area.

Our team of experienced staff are on hand to provide you with the highest level of hospitality, ensuring that your stay is both comfortable and memorable. We take pride in our commitment to delivering a first-class service and make sure that every guest feels at home.

AA91 Arochukwu Property Pic
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