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Time Off Request

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Maternity Leave - The company grants paid maternity leave to its female employees who have served for an unbroken period of not less than twenty four (24) months i.e. for confirmed staff. The maximum period of paid maternity leave shall be 3 months only. However, any employee who has not stayed up to 2 years can only enjoy unpaid maternity leave. 
During maternity leave, she shall not be entitled to annual leave for that year. Where annual leave has been taken before maternity leave, the number of days will be treated as authorised absence without pay during the post-natal leave period.

Paid Time Off / Annual Leave - Qualified Team Members are eligible for paid vacation time. Qualified Team Members must have been employed with the Company for 1+ year(s). Qualified Team Members will be entitled to a min of paid ten working days leave. Employees who want to attend to routine healthcare (e.g. doctor’s/dentist’s appointments), kid’s school conferences etc. should use their PTO/Annual Leave. This is PAID Leave.

Bereavement Leave - Excused, unpaid absences can be granted for funerals and/or bereavement. In these cases, team members must provide documentation to prove a reason for the absence. You won't get paid for this time-off requested. This is UNPAID leave.

Casual Leave - Any other type of leave not mentioned above will thus be classified as casual leave. You won't get paid for this time-off requested. This is UNPAID leave.

Sick Leave - This company's sick leave policy applies to all our team members who have been with our company for at least six months. In case of illness, team members are entitled to a maximum of twelve working days of paid sick leave. Sickness must be certified by a registered medical practitioner/general hospital. Sick leave is fully paid leave and is calculated as workers’ basic wage that is exclusive of overtime pay and other allowances. After a team member is absent for two (2) consecutive days, a physician’s statement may be requested.
 Sick leave is to be used for medical, dental or optical reasons only; it is not to be construed as a secondary or ‘add on’ vacation time. If so used, it will be considered grounds for termination by AA91.
 You may get paid for the time-off requested.

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