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Vacant Clean: Room Previously marked clean but housekeeping went to touch up (No Reservation in Room).

Vacant Dirty: Departed Room. Guest has checked out.

Occupied Clean: Occupied Room that cleaning was completed. Guest still in house.

Service Refused: Occupied Room But Guest Refused Service.

Out of Order: Room Out of Order.

Bedroom Area Checklist
Bathroom Area Checklist
Room Amenities Replaced
Beddings & Linens Taken Out and Replaced
General Area Checklist
Was the Room Ozoned?
Final Check
Room Status
Vacant Clean
Vacant Dirty
Occupied Clean
Service Refused
Out of Order
Deep Cleaning Checklist - Bedroom Area (Monthly)
Deep Cleaning Checklist - Bathroom Area (Monthly)
Deep Cleaning Checklist - General Area (Monthly)
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