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Heart of the House - Housekeeping

The housekeeping department is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and order in guest rooms and common areas, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable stay for hotel guests.

Housekeeper Wiping the Table

Guest Services

The guest services department is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, addressing guest inquiries, and ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience during their stay.

Talking on the Phone


The accounting department manages financial transactions, budgeting, and financial reporting to ensure the smooth financial operation of the hotel.

Accounting Tasks

Food & Beverages

The food & beverage department oversees the dining services, including restaurants, bars, and catering, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for guests.

A Waiter Serving a Drink

Marketing & Sales

The marketing and sales department focuses on promoting the hotel, attracting guests, and maximising revenue through strategic sales and promotional efforts.

In Meeting


The management department oversees overall operations, ensuring efficiency, guest satisfaction, and the successful functioning of various departments within the hotel.

Smiling Man on Laptop
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